What Student Digital Risks Can we Expect in 2024?

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, students encounter both exciting opportunities and hidden dangers. Schools are constantly looking for ways to safeguard their students and support their wellbeing, but in 2023, schools were caught off guard.

Our brand-new Infographic: What Student Digital Risks Can We Expect in 2024? provides clarity around the digital landscape and will help you identify the immediate gaps you need to address.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Cyberbullying: New Zealand ranks as 3rd highest in the world in terms of the number of young people reported being cyberbullied. 
  2. Loneliness as the new pandemic: 40% of young people struggle with loneliness, which has become a silent pandemic affecting student wellbeing.
  3. Ransomware threats: An alarming 79% of higher education institutions have been targeted by ransomware, exposing student devices to opportunistic cybercriminals.

Small steps, big impact

There is a lot for schools to consider when it comes to students' use of technology, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Therefore, remember that small, consistent steps in the right direction often drive the most significant impact. Being able to get visibility of what your students say and do online is an excellent first step. It sets the foundation for creating a safer, more supportive digital environment for your students.

Our Infographic features the critical digital risks to be aware of this year, along with practical, school-tested strategies implemented by Australian schools to mitigate them.  


Student Digital Risks in 2024

Download our Infographic to create a safer digital space for your students and learn how to protect your students this year effectively.

Download now

The insights from our infographic stem from the comprehensive ‘New Zealand Student Digital Wellbeing: State of the Nation 2024 Report’. Access the full report here for an in-depth analysis of the digital landscape.


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