Welcome to our new look

You may notice we look a bit different these days.
From September 2023, every business in the global Qoria organisation, including Linewize New Zealand, will adopt the same new look and feel.


Why have we changed?

Since our inception, we're now one of the biggest student digital safety and wellbeing solution providers in the world. Our goal is to take that capability and use it to raise child digital safety and wellbeing to a level no one could have imagined just a few years ago. Our children deserve nothing less. 

Our new look isn't vanity. It's an important milestone towards that goal.

Here's why

  • Our individual brand identities were no longer representing all that we had become and all that we were striving to achieve. We needed to address that.

  • Our global scale brings direct benefits to our school communities. We had to make that known in a better way. 

  • We have an expanded portfolio of solutions that can deliver tremendous impact for our schools. We wanted to communicate that.

Our customers have evolved too

  • The stakeholders involved in child digital safety and wellbeing had grown and we needed to include them in our communications.

And finally

  • A single look and feel globally gives us a stronger presence and a louder voice to challenge for change and to raise critical awareness amongst the wider technology community, governments and other stakeholders.

  • Our advocacy is a growing part of our business. We know that an informed and motivated society all over the world is key to keeping children safe and well in their digital lives.

Welcome to our new identity. 

Communication gives us strength

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